#Dump 4 #Ingredients #Into a #Slow #Cooker

Dump 4 Ingredients Into a Slow Cooker
#Dump 4 #Ingredients #Into a #Slow #Cooker

#Dump 4 #Ingredients #Into a #Slow #Cooker

Gradual cookers are like god’s present to running parents. You throw your ingredients in, you visit work, and you come to a scrumptious domestic-cooked meal.

This slower cooker meal is hearty, delicious, uses simplest five ingredients, and leaves you with a protein and a aspect dish. No, it’s no longer too good to be authentic… it’s gradual cooked chicken with stuffing. Right here’s a way to make it!

Plop your chicken into the sluggish cooker. Then pour your broth on top of it. Next, vicinity your soup, stuffing, and water into a bowl, blend it together and spoon it on pinnacle of your chook.

Prepare dinner the components at the low setting for seven hours. Whilst you come lower back on your pot you’ll have a tasty wet fowl breast and the exceptional stuffing you’ve ever had.

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