#Honey #Garlic #Chicken #Breast

Honey Garlic Chicken Breast
#Honey #Garlic #Chicken #Breast

#Honey #Garlic #Chicken #Breast

Honey garlic hen is an epic 12 minute dinner with a five element sauce made the use of pantry staples. A juicy seared chook breast with the maximum remarkable honey garlic sauce, this is a top notch returned pocket brief dinner for busy nights to add in your fowl breast recipes series!

Some other addition to my 15 minute food and quick bird breast recipes collection!

This honey garlic fowl breast recipe is long past due. The sauce in this is a variation of my honey garlic salmon which i first shared way again when I began this internet site.

If i were ever to do a precis of my top five maximum used sauces, honey garlic sauce would probably be right at the top of the listing. I really like it as it requires so few elements that are pantry staples, and when simmered with a seared protein in a skillet so it will become all bubbly and syrupy…. Oh wow.

It’s simply da bomb!!! ( <– who talks like that at my age???! I do. Simplest in extenuating occasions. Excitement over crazy scrumptious mystery-weapon sauce falls underneath this category.😎

Although i for my part have a preference for chicken thighs over hen breast (better flavour, juicier!), i locate myself putting chook breast in my buying trolley week after week.

Therefore over the years, i’ve built up a huge style of short and smooth fowl breast recipes – and this honey garlic hen is one in all my favorite quick dinners that i find myself making time and again again.

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